2009  Public Art ”Home Run,” Taipei Physical Education College, Taipei, Taiwan
          Public Art ”Ocean Heart,” Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2007  Public Art “River in the Sky,” MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station, Taipei, Taiwan
          Public Art ”The Plum Blossom,” National Taipei University street development plan, San Shia. Taiwan
          Public Art ”Joyride,” Chi-Du railway station, Chi-Du, Taiwan
          Public Art “The greatest beauty of true morality,” Chia-yi District Court, Chia-yi, Taiwan
2006  Public Art “,” National Central Library, Taipei, Taiwan
          Public Art ”Natural Scenery in the City,” MRT Dapinglin station, Taipei, Taiwan
2005  Public Art “A new world of novel flowers and fruits,” The Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Taichung, Taiwan
2004  Public Art “Path of History,” National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
          Public Art “Ocean Garden,” Airport Express Line Arrival Hall, Tsing Yi Station, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong
2003  Public Art “Ocean Melody,” Civil Aeronautics Administration Ministry of Transportation and Communications MaGong Airport , PengHu, Taiwan
          Public Art “Good Fortune,” The Taizhong Harbor Branch - Bank of Taiwan, WuQi, Taiwan
          Public Art ”Beautiful Shihu,” Sihu Service Area of the Second Highway , Taiwan
2002  Public Art ”Taipei Apocalypse,” Taipei County Government , Taipei , Taiwan
          Public Art ”Dragonfly,” Kukeng Service Area of Second Highway , Taiwan
          Public Art “He-Chi- Sheng-Tsai,” The Yuan-Shan Branch - Bank of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
2000  Public Art ”Mountain Water and Clouds,” National Institute of Environmental Analysis Environment Protection Administration Government of R. O. C.
1998  Public Art “Young Melody,” MRT Nanshihchia station, Taipei, Taiwan
1997  Public Art “The Power Of Cohesion,” The Center of Condensed Matter Science at National Taiwan University. Taipei, Taiwan


2004  Collection ”Heart Vessel,” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ,Taichung, Taiwan
2001  Collection ”Colorful Clouds,” Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1995  Collection “Three Chapter of Garden,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Taiwan
1994  Collection ”Wholeness,” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan       
1993  Collection “Floating Cloud and Gliding Water,” Ohara Flower Arrangement Institute, Tokyo, Japan. 
1991  Collection “Untitled 90005,” Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
1986 “Neither Come Neither Go,” First Prize , The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Competition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan