”The 7th Tung Ho Steel International Artist Residency Program“ Creations Presentation

The invited artist Jun T. Lai, who has been engaged in artistic creation for many years, is good at using geometric shapes to make sculptures and discusses the metaphysical issues of space and time, and the existence and extinction of matter. This time, the concept of the virtual and reality of the Metaverse is expressed through scrap steel, and 24 groups of works are exhibited, interpreting the existence and variations of “Extraordinary Space", constructing a set of artistic vocabulary, deconstructing the structure by combining, changing, and presenting the interaction conditions of the current time-space structure through the orderly transformation of the virtual and the real. The form of expression occupying space with a huge size advocate that the viewer can experience the movement around the work in person, and express the virtual and real universe and space expression of existence and change in a free posture and form.

2022 / 06 / 15
Moon Gallery “Jun T. Lai 2021 Solo Exhibition: Splendent Light in Wonderland”

This solo exhibition at Moon Gallery is divided into 3 exhibit rooms, and accordingly via 3 distinct series, it leads the audience to my consistent aesthetic belief and my creative context over 40 years. Within the past 20 years in particular, having moved to Dulan, Taitung, I took elements from natural landscapes of the mountain and the ocean into my own works, and so demonstrated 3 kinds of revelation from the Nature—hope of a new era, new hometown Identification and new experience of life. Through the encounter between these themes and the beauty of love in one’s heart, I could sense my artistic fertility and creativity overflow.

2021 / 04 / 10
“Matching of Arts and Walls” Group Exhibition of the 4th Anniversary of Whitestone Gallery, Taipei


2021 / 03 / 29
“Bloom Paradise ”, by Jun T. Lai in 10th edition SITC, preview in KFAM

The flower of hope, unfolding high



bring love for humans and Look up at the sky



Greet the gift of life




Jun T. Lai, 2021

2020 / 12 / 25