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Heart.In Between- Being and Transformation (solo exhibition)
Exhibition: Heart.In Between-- Being and Transformation
Date: Jul. 24- Aug. 30, 2009
Location: MOCA Taipei,Taiwan

lowing colors of free movement navigates coordination through life, which also is the axis connecting heart with the universe.

Express the difference and uncertainty of contemporary existence to dissolve the “heavy burden” of systems that label meanings onto everything. In this era of change and chaos, we look for coordination to navigate our lives. The colorful wall confined our hearts as described in “Avatamsaka Sutra; “all forms of existence as parts of the body of Buddha are endless; they are uncountable, with infinite colors.” Facing the mirror of hearts, a transparent reflective object hides its material nature, ridding its attached shadow, and blending with its original material essence. The exchange between subjective and objective forms a new language that removes stabilization, and advances the realization into changes of disintegration and mutation, breaking apart unifying and fixed elements. Dissolving the “attraction of gravity” in the conscious universe, the objects become “weightless” for a fleeting moment exist “free from attachment” and free from “consideration of others.”

No Escape‧Including hearts as part of discipline; from discipline comes stability, from stability comes wisdom. --Shurangama Sutra

The single minded determination towards Buddha in the realm of hearts that never separates remains crystal clear as glass while coming and going in the form of humans. The core idea behind this artwork is “the axis for navigation in life,” and the concept of “axis” provides an upward spiral for life to navigate through, and produce a connectable and transformable platform for cultural connotation, exploring the space beyond the hearts which pulls inwardly in the energy field. Wisdom shows the true nature of the heart and travels between hearts and spirits flowing freely through moonlight, clouds and water. The presentation of souls is hidden in every possible expression from flying colorful light flashing and fluxing to soft wind freely listening, as the moonlight arrives home in the eyes of beholders.