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New Vision The Melody of Color and Light (solo exhibition)
Exhibition: New Vision The Melody of Color and Light
Year: 2004
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
Exhibition Statement:
Melody... Everyone can attain the realm of the immortals. Every user can hold it in his or her hand. In an age when everyone can read, everyone can interpret and everyone can create, here, a work is dynamic, organic. It has limitless potential for interpretation; its meaning can be limitlessly extended. And the attitude of creation also tends to be relaxed, as if it is a game. Through time after time of reading and interpretation, the meaning is constantly dismantled and reconstructed. Desire strips away falsehood, arriving at truth. Striving for the unconstrained rhythm of life in the new virtual space of art has created a wide variety of fluid possibilities. Works of art serve as bridges, allowing the imagination to stretch out endlessly, transcending boundaries that once existed, capriciously drifting, entering unknown realms.