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Water Flow – Seed Series Retrospective
Water flows around the dream that is reality-virtuality, transforming the universe into a navigation of the world. Life floats in the pursuit, with sea and islands pointing the way. Facing the world from a point where the backflow slows down is almost like gazing at one’s revealed body time after time. The song in the wind is the reply of the eyes, the freedom of water, every implicit event of the soul and it stirrs up the sadness of things forgotten.

                                                                               -Jun T. Lai 2011.02.07

The  Exhibition List
       Year    /                 Title                /          Size             /     Material
1.   1974      male schoolmate        44x27x23cm           Copper
2.   1974      Female schoolmate   47x24x16cm           Copper
3.   1988      Cloud Mountain-1       85x21x4cm              Wood, Graphite
4.   1988      Cloud Mountain-2       64x66x4cm              Wood, Graphite
5.   1988      Cloud Mountain-3       98x23x5cm              Wood, Graphite
6.   1990      Filled                             50x50.5x3.5cm       Wood, Graphite
7.   1990      Utmost. (ji)                   200X15X10cm        Wood, Graphite
8.   1991      The moon is in the     180x30x7cm           Wood, Graphite, stones
                      blue sky 
                      The shadow is on 
                      the wave                                   
9.   1991      Abyss                            91.5x80x4cm          Wood, Graphite   
10. 1991      Separate                      69.5x49x5cm          Wood, Graphite, iron   
11. 1991      Wander                        58x74x8cm              Wood, Graphite, stone   
12. 1991     Sunset glow                 43x79x7.5cm          Wood, Graphite, Brick       
13. 1991     No title                           59x49x4cm             Wood, Graphite   
14. 1992     The peak of hill            240x112x9cm        Wood, Graphite   
15. 1994     Reside                          63X53X56cm         Wood   
16. 1994     Heart throb                   150x120x100cm    Wood, iron   
17. 2010      A man                           60x38x75cm          Wood, Graphite
18. 2010      A women                      60 x150x30cm      Wood
19. 2010     Being in love                40 x 30x155cm      Wood, Graphite