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Veins of Heart - Jun T. Lai Solo Exhibition 2013
 Squinting down

A green island emerges

In the heat

The blood gushes

While the heart pounding deep down in the ocean

Locked in Pandora’s Box




--Jun T. Lai

With “Heart and historical lineage:
Jun T. Lai Solo Exhibition 2013” held at Taitung Art Museum, Lai presents a conclusion of her decade of living in Taitung, as a rite singing glory of marine aesthetic; for it is a panorama taken from the sea, contemplating upon this island, on which a brand new world where the people genuinely live their life, that is flowing, floating, skin-cutting, Mix –Matching, transforming, spawning….

--Chiung-jui Hsiao


The Heart series has demonstrated philosophical realization as “Zen meditation at material, appearance, and back to nihility.” Such realization is perceivable from her spatial construction that is strong as “field,” yet the in-depth discussion on the essence of time is also impressive.

--Pedro Tseng