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Revisiting the New Horizons Exhibition: Origins of TFAM's Contemporary Context
Date 2013/06/08 - 2013/09/01
Gallery 1A&1B
Established in 1983 as Taiwan’s first modern art museum, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum is holding the special exhibition TFAM before and after 1983 for the occasion of its 30th anniversary this year. Before / after 1983 takes as its point of departure the competition and exhibition held biennially from 1984 until 1994 titled New Horizons: Contemporary Trends in Chinese Art, which featured patterns of innovation and promoted a dialog with Taiwan’s emerging contemporary art scene. The exhibition series clearly embodied the energy of contemporary art in Taiwan during the museum’s first decade of operation, and set the stage for the next phase of Taiwanese contemporary art that has started to develop since the 1990s.
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