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【Jun T. Lai : Wonderland】solo exhibition

“Jun T. Lai: Wonderland” Solo Exhibition aims at presenting and elaborating Jun T. Lai’s diversified and enchanting art achievements from the year 2000 and onwards. The notion of “Wonderland” has been at the heart of Lai’s recent creations, which traces back to the first morning at the turn of the millennium when she stood by the coast in Taitung with others to witness with excitement the first ray of sun in Taiwan for the new epoch. Lai felt at that moment that most people seemed to be living in a state of elusive ambiguity, and whether with personal realization of a complete self or a sense of identity for this land, things appeared quite muddled, and it was difficult to set truth apart from fabrication. The value of freedom for each individual life is the ultimate principle behind Lai’s art, and it is where the different “Wonderland” series departed from. Lai hopes to reconstruct personal mythology set in reality through her individual will, creative imagination, and expressions and communications driven by life, seeking to create a sustainable art and cultural endeavor with symbols and allegories representing the new era. 

Dates ︱ 2017.10.28-2018.01.21

Opening︱2017.11.11 2:30pm

Venue︱Gallery 201 & 202, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Curator|Jui-jen  Shih