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Performance “Alice in wonderland” participate in London late night art festival “Nocturnal Creatures”

"Nocturnal Creatures" is an annual night contemporary art festival sponsored by Whitechapel Gallery in London. It is jointly curated and organized by Whitechapel Gallery, Sculpture in the City (SITC) and LACUNA PROJECTS. . Bringing together performances, videos, and music, Nocturnal Creatures creates a very artistic evening, attracting more than 8,000 visitors every year.

LACUNA PROJECTS continued the past night art festival format and invited Taiwan’s first participating artist, Jun T. Lai, to participate in the event with his exhibited work "Fantastic Flower Wonderland". Jun T. Lai planned the inline roller dancers wearing Alice inflatable dance clothes and wandered between the works "Fantastic Flower Wonderland" and Fenchurch Street Plaza, and distributed the flower fan designed by Jun T. Lai to the audience. The fan was printed with an electronic music version. "To Alice" allows the audience to dance with the music and the dancer's incarnation now Alice in Wonderland, and also makes Jun T. Lai's work and Taiwan shine in London.