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“Conversation on light and shadow” group exhibitionin Chishan Art Museum is going to open on this weekend
The ”Conversation of Light and Shadow“ group exhibition curated by the Taiwan Lovely Foundation invited four artists, Jun T. Lai, Jiang Xun, Dong Chengyi and An Shenghui to  exhibit.
When it comes to light and shadow, the projection of colorful heart shap installation created by crystal acrylic media under light leaves a light but magnificent shock in the audience; the work 《The immeasurable》 in the presentation of colors, inspired by Jun's every morning looking at the sparkling light of the Pacific Ocean sunrise, so the color is different than before work, it looks much more blue than former. This exhibition is debut of 《The immeasurable》, inviting friends to travel to Taitung and go to the ”Chishan Art Museum“  to visit the exhibition.
Exhibition time: December 20, 2019 to May 5, 2020
Venue: Chishang Art Museum
Organizer: Taiwan Lovely Foundation