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“Migration- In search of re-habitat and material memories” group exhibition is going to open at Taitung Art Museum on this Saturday

The civilization process of this world is advancing at an unprecedented speed, science and technology are breaking through the historical experience of human beings faster than before, and the scale and speed of group society have been expanding and growing at an unprecedented rate. With the disappearance of formal boundaries, the duration of stay has become short. , Mobile becomes everyday's routine.


Taitung Art Museum ’s first cross-annual theme exhibition, with “Immigration” as the main curatorial axis, invited 12 well-known Taiwanese contemporary artists to participate in the exhibition, and explored what kind of body and mind people have in the multiple changes of natural environment, society, history, residence, generation. The transfer and retracement of state and visual cognition, including time, space, physical experience, belief, gender, smell, light and shadow, appearance ... and so on, how to finally find a way to rely on one's relatives to live in peace, and what to present traces of material memory.


Exhibition Date: 108.12.21 (Sat) -109.2.16 (Sun)

Exhibition time: Tuesday to Sunday 09: 00 ~ 17: 00 (closed 3 days on 1 / 24-1 / 26 during the Spring Festival)

Venue: Taitung Art Museum (No. 350 Zhejiang Road, Taitung City)