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“Jun T. Lai 2021 Solo Exhibition: Splendent Light in Wonderland” in Moon Gallery will open at 2021.04.10!
 Since 2000, the millennium, Jun have explored diverse and charming artistic styles and fruitful artistic achievements; the exhibition includes mixed media paintings, wall sculptures, spatial installations, conceptual actions, and public arts. This solo exhibition in the Moon Gallery could be roughly divided into three field spaces, which are laid out and connected through three subtopics; leading the audience to enter different spaces and appreciate different themed series works, and understand the document files that they are looking for. In the past 40 years, her consistent aesthetic beliefs follow her artistic context; and then integrate the natural landscape over the past 20 years, because of "the vision of the new century, the identity of the new hometown, the new life experience", these three points are based on natural inspiration. Meet beautifully with the love in the heart, and express more passionate artistic vitality, and more brilliantly blooming artistic achievements.