From Life Emotion to Color Modeling: Jun T. Lai's Artistic Creative Thinking (Jen-Yi Liao)

In the process of Taiwan's artistic trend from modern art to contemporary art, Jun T. Lai is a landmark that shines at all times. 

"Genuine Void"and "Subtle Possession"
Jun T. Lai is an outstanding Taiwanese contemporary artist. Her Chinese name “Tsun-Tsun”signifies purity, natural, beyond the ordinary, and other worldly. Like the meaning of her name, she is pure, elegant and graceful. Her English name,Jun, which is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of “Tsun”,recalls summer and is representative of her personality----strong,viporous,passionate,outgoing and open-minded.
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The existence of aesthetic history and culture
Having been engaged in creative artworks during the past three decades, Ms. Lai, Chun-Chun has still been exploring, examining, experimenting and creating in her works of arts. In her mind, life is a constant process of introspection and of superseding oneself. Regardless of formats, styles, contents and attitudes, her creative artworks reflect not only her intellectual growth and changes of the society over time, but also her personal acts of testing and demonstrations in aesthetics. Ms. Lai regards arts as games, impulsiveness, as well as personal salvation and effectuation.
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The Energy of Jun's Art Practice
  Main Trend Magazine/Hai-Ming Huang/Jan 1,2003