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【Flowers and Adventures】Dialogue with Alice in Wonderland
  Through the exhibition of the "Alice in Wonderland" and the dialogue with Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition of Jun T. Lai’s work "Alice in Wonderland" is the focus of the dialogue, and it is possible to plan through different teaching aid development and activity guidance. To provide a variety of experience forms for parents and children to widen their exploration of the multiple visions of flowers in the theme of artistic creation.


Target: Children under elementary school and parents. 

Activity time: 4 games on November 3, November 17, December 1, December 15, 2018

Number of people: 20 groups, each group composed by one child and one parent Venue: Children's Playroom Operating Area or in front of "Alice in Wonderland" works

Means: According to the admission mode of the children's playroom, you can sign up for free on the day of the event.


Content: The guiding activity is focus on the dialogue of Jun T. Lai’s installation work "Alice in Wonderland". It is expected to express the concept and image of the exhibits, as well as the operational concept of the micro-theatre, and the experience model of role interpretation and situational simulation. Schoolchildren open the opportunity to watch the works and understand the meaning and meaning of the works.